Everyday Escapades: Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

As this blog settles into a kind of rhythm, I’ve been thinking about how to include something of my own life while staying true to the ‘travel’ theme. Because as much as I’d love to be out exploring the world, like most people I can only travel a few times a year. But I do try to experience new things around my home as often as I can, and I think that a sense of discovery is a big part of what this blog is about. Also, as a relatively new arrival in my own city (Melbourne) I’m really still discovering it myself!

So, I’ve decided to start a regular post called ‘Everyday Escapades’. And here it is – the first one!

This week I’ve been assisting Sean on a magazine photo shoot which has basically consisted of touring Melbourne’s best cafes, restaurants and retail stores – I know, tough job right? Anyway, he’s the pro photographer but I’ve been helping out with styling, lighting and general odd jobs. One of my more unusual duties has become known as “being a blur”, which means walking across a shot to add some movement. I think I’ve found my calling.

I can’t really share pics from the shoot yet (will post a link when they’re up) but here’s one out-take that really demonstrate my talent as a blur. It’s taken at the excellent Heide Museum of Modern Art, where an exhibition called ‘Colour Bazaar’ is currently showing.

The below piece (Sliding Ladder: Truncated Icosohedron # 1 by Nike Savvas) particularly caught my eye. The technique reminds me of those seventies wall hangings, which I love.

Anyway, if you’re in Melbourne Heide really is a great little excursion. It’s out in the suburbs on a tranquil piece of preserved farm land that began life as the home of arts patrons John and Sunday Reed in the 1950′s. Their story alone is interesting enough to warrant a visit (think bohemian lifestyles, the creation of famous Australian artworks, love affairs) and the original homestead is still there surrounded by lush garden, but is joined now by the museum itself. If you needed any more convincing, Australian chef Shannon Bennett has set up a cafe outpost of his popular Vue de monde restaurant on the property. Yum.

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