Skip Town in Queenstown, New Zealand

My travel itinerary has been a little light this year – which I’m sure is much more painful for me than you! But earlier this month I finally managed to dust off my passport and pay a visit to an old friend living in Queenstown, New Zealand.

It was a relaxed kind of break; more to do with quiet walks through dramatic scenery than with designer shops and hotels (although there are certainly a handful of excellent little establishments in Queenstown). Another difference was that this time I was without my usual photographer side-kick Sean. The up side was that I actually got to take some pics myself, but I’ve got to say that any success in this department is definitely due to the incredible scenery – I have seriously never been to such a show-off location!

First things first, we rode the Gondala to the top of “Bob’s Peak” (good at names, New Zealanders) where there is a fantastic view of the town below, spread prettily on the banks of Lake Wakitipu and surrounded by mountains.

In the following days, we toured local wineries and the film-set-like village of Arrowtown (“is it real?” I asked) – but even the space between destinations was full of epic scenery.

One morning I went for a solo tramp around “Bob’s Cove” (are you noticing a pattern here?) where I went a bit crazy with the botanical photographs… bear with me!

And later on, back in town, I came across the most cartoonishly vibrant, bonsai-like river island – I swear these colours have not been manipulated!

One of our last nights in New Zealand was spent on an overnight cruise through Doubtful Sound, about two hours south-east of Queenstown. It’s actually a fiord, we learned, with a length of around 40km, a depth of 421m, and a resident population of roughly a billion sand flies, which thankfully we were able to keep at bay. Most cruises cater for around 70 guests, but we managed to find a much smaller company and in the end there were only six of us, plus two staff. This meant we got to sit up front with the captain, get up close and personal with the catch of the day, and generally make ourselves at home. Once docked for the night it was SO still and quiet – a great memory.

I know, I know, he’s cute. But yes, we ate him.

Lil’ sis!

I couldn’t resist sharing this exclamation mark sign from the somewhat extreme bus ride home. Says everything, really.

Finally, if you needed any further proof of Queenstown’s handsomeness, the view from the airport lounge should convince you, not to mention the amazing sight of the Southern Alps cutting through cloud on the flight home – sigh!


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  1. Cat

    New Zealand looks breath taking! I love your photos. I stopped over in NZ once on a trip to Australia and I am sad that I didn’t have a chance to explore its beauty.

  2. Jess

    Hi Mark, the second image is taken from the top of the peak, looking down on a walking path. I’m pretty sure it’s not a bike trail, although they do have them up there.

  3. I love Queenstown and I was lucky enough to see it past April, when Autumn was blooming. Your photos capture the town and its surroundings perfectly!

  4. Really enjoy taking pictures when I travel and when I finely got a digital camera about 4 years ago I was taking so many pictures that I couldn’t remember what some of the picture were. I like the 2nd picture on this site but would like to know what I am looking at. I see the tram in the background and part of a walkway but I don’t know if the rest is a hiking trail or maybe a downhill mountain bike run.

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